• Calling all Seniors

    It's yearbook time! We are asking all our 8th grade students to send in 

    THEIR BABY picture with name and class to: 


    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Grade Trips

    Criteria for attending ALL GRADE trips:

    Students must have Excellent (E) or Satisfactory (S) conduct each quarter.
    No more than six (6) absences or lateness per quarter (absent notes are considered)
    Students with poor conduct/referrals are not permitted to attend.
    Academic success in subject areas

    6th Grade Trip -

    7th grade Trip- December 14th 2017- Medieval Times

    8th Grade Trip- May 21st 2018 - Adventure Land- ( Approximately $95)Permission slips will go home  end of April
    Any questions, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Kelly, at 718-833-9363 ext. 1071.  Together, let's make this a successful year for all of our  students.

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Sign up for Remind

    We are excited to let you know we will be implementing "Remind" (formerly Remind101) as a method of communication and outreach for the 2017-2018 school year.  

    We strongly encourage parents/guardians & students to register for the account which fits the year of the STUDENT'S GRADUATION.   There are two ways to join a class:  through the app or via text.  Please fully complete the registration with your name and role (Parent/Student).  Here is the information OR you can scroll down on our site and find the links to join!

    CURRENT 8TH GRADE (Class of 2018):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2018

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2018."

    CURRENT 7TH GRADE (Class of 2019):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2019

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2019."

    INCOMING 6TH GRADE (Class of 2020):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2020

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2020." 

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201


Our Staff

Staff Role Subject Contact
Ms. Agnello School Aide    
Mrs. Albino Teacher  ELA-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Altieri Teacher Music/Band 6/7/8
Ms. Amalfitano Teacher ELA-6  
Mrs. Amodeo Teacher  Italian-6/7/8 PupilPath
Mrs. Arne Teacher  ELA
Mrs. Ashton Teacher  ICT-7 
Ms. Balanikas Teacher ELA-6 PupilPath
Mr. Bartoloni Teacher Social Studies
Ms. Bastaurous Paraprofessional    
Ms. Bogdanowicz Teacher Vocal  
Mr. Botte Teacher/GO Coordinator Science-7 
Ms. Buono Teacher  Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8 Students:  @813s, @815s, @836st; Parents:  @813pa, @815pa, @836p
Mr. Calise  Teacher Social Studies-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Candela SBST School Psychologist 
Ms. Carbonaro Teacher Physical Education/Health-6/8 
Ms. Carcione Teacher     718-833-9363, ext. 0  (Secondary: )
Ms. Cartagena Teacher Integrated co-teaching  
Mr. Chen Teacher Mathematics-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Ms. Chen Paraprofessional    
Ms. Chevalier      
Ms. Chimento School Aide Lunch Forms & Working Papers
718-833-9363 ext. 2635
Mr. Ciulla Principal   718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mr. Colasuonno Teacher Science/Earth Science-8  
Ms. Collins Assistant Principal   718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. Coohill Teacher Mathematics-6, PupilPath
Mrs. Cundari Teacher Mathematics-7

PupilPath, Secondary: 

@711par; @752pa; @734par

Mr. Cuomo Paraprofessional    
Ms. D'Acquisto Teacher Integrated co-teaching  
Mrs. D'Alessandro School Secretary   718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Ms. DeAngelis Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2112

Mrs. DeClara Teacher/Website Coordinator ELA/Drama
Ms. DeFeo Teacher Science-6 718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. DeRosa Teacher ICT-6 PupilPath
Mrs. R. DeRosa Paraprofessional    
Mr. DiMitri Teacher Social Studies-6/8 PupilPath; (@setss201)
Mrs. Patricia Donlon Teacher/Arista Coordinator SETSS-6/7/8
Ms. Duversseau      
Mrs. Elsayed Teacher ELA-6
Mrs. Estevez Teacher Science-8 PupilPath
Ms. Feknous Teacher Social Studies-7 PupilPath 
Ms. Ferrera SBST Family Worker  
Mrs. Fierro Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2113

Ms. Finizio School Aide Report Cards
718-833-9363, ext. 2632
Mrs. Flessas Teacher ELA-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Fontana Teacher  Social Studies-8  
Ms. Franzese Teacher Art 
Mr. Gargiulo Teacher Physical Education/Health  
Mrs. Giangiobbe Paraprofessional    
Mr. Gianni Teacher/School Spirit Coordinator Social Studies-8 
Ms. Goldberg Teacher SETSS  
Mrs. Gross Teacher ELA-8 
Ms. Guarnera Paraprofessional    
Ms. K. Guerrin Teacher ICT 
Mr. Guido Teacher Special Education  
Ms. Guido School Secretary   718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Howe Teacher  Special Education-6  
Mr. Agostino Iallonardo Teacher Mathematics-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0; PupilPath
Ms. Indelicato Teacher Special Education-6/7
Ms. Jasionek Paraprofessional    
Mrs. Johnson Teacher Social Studies-6 
Mrs. Katsaras Teacher Science-7 PupilPath 
Mrs. Kelly Parent Coordinator

718-833-9393 ex. 1071

Mrs. Kim Teacher Science-6 PupilPath  (Secondary:
Mrs. Koukoulis Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. Koutsopetras Teacher Social Studies-7 PupilPath 
Mr. Lizzi Teacher Integrated co-teaching 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Lo Teacher Mathematics-6  

@Math612P, @Math653P, @Math616P

Ms. Lundberg School Aide    
Mrs. Caitlan Mancini Teacher Art
Ms. Markovich Teacher English Language Learners 718-833-9363, ext. 0; 
Ms. Martinez Teacher English Language Learners  
Mrs. Masry Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2111

Ms. Mathew Teacher Science-6 

Remind:  @611sci, @615sci, @652sci, @653sci, @654sci

Mrs. Mautschke Teacher Mathematics-7 
Kristin McLeer Teacher Social Studies PupilPath-6/7
Nicole Marie Monte Teacher ICT-7
Mrs. Montgomery Dean Grades 7/8  718-833-9363, 4590
Ms. Morioka Teacher Science PupilPath
Mrs. Moscato Teacher/Senior Activities Physical Education/Health
Ms. Moshkovich Teacher Science-7 
Ms. Najar Teacher Spanish-6/7/8 
Mr. Nemeth Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0
Ms. Nunziata Teacher Mathematics-7
Ms. Oglou Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. O'Mahoney-Schwartz Teacher ELA/Drama-6/7
Ms. Paleogos      
Ms. Paluxgawong Teacher Mathematics-6 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Ninfina Panepinto Teacher SETSS

Remind:  @setss202 

Ms. Phillips School Nurse   718-833-9363, ext. 2530
Mrs. Pignataro Dean Grades 6/7 718-833-9363, ext. 4591 
Ms. Pigott School Nurse   718-833-9363, ext. 2530
Mrs. C. Pilato Teacher Law/Social Studies-6/8

718-833-9363, ext. 0

Remind:  631- @Cpilato, 632- @632ss, 635- @635ss, 636- @636s

Mrs. Piroso Paraprofessional    
Mrs. D. Porcaro Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8  718-833-9363, ext. 0
Ms. J. Porcaro Teacher Integrated co-teaching 
Mr. Profera Teacher Physical Education/Health  
Amanda Puglionisi Teacher ELA-6/8
Mrs. Remmen Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8  PupilPath
Ms. Rivera School Secretary  

718-833-9363, ext. 0

Ms. Rossetti Teacher ELA-6 
Mrs. Russo Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. Sanchez Teacher Mathematics-8

Email, PupilPath, or Remind

(Students:  @816st, @832s, @834st; Parents:  @816p, @834pa)

Ms. Saponaro Speech Language Pathology    
Ms. Saporito Paraprofessional    
Mr. Schulman Teacher ELA-7 PupilPath 
Ms. Scognamillo Teacher Science/Earth Science-8  
Mr. Seiler Teacher Social Studies-8  
Ms. Serposs Teacher Art 
Mr. Smalls Teacher Spanish  
Mrs. Sopasoudakis Teacher ELA-8  
Mrs. Stanisis Teacher ELA-7  
Mrs. Stathakos Teacher Social Studies-6
Mr. Suero SBST Social Worker  
Mr. Swigert Teacher ELA-8 
Ms. Tardugno Assistant Principal
Ms. Torres School Aide Attendance & Transportation
718-833-9363, ext. 2633
Ms. Tramontano Speech Language Pathology    
Ms. Troncone Teacher ELA-6  
Mr. Typrowicz Teacher Band  
Ms. Veeramah Teacher Library
Ms. Ward Teacher ELA-7/8
Mr. Watters Teacher Special Education-8  
Mr. Weislogel Assistant Principal    718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. Werner Paraprofessional    
Mr. Wong Teacher Math-7/8

Remind: 735:  @201m735; 835:  @201m835; 856:  @201m856

Ms. Wong Teacher Math