• School Auction , February 9th

    The PTA will be holding their annual auction "LOVE IS IN THE AIR".

    We are asking that each student contribute $10 or whatever you could afford.

    A basket will be made up to represent every class.

    If you have any NEW items that you want to contribute please send them

    in to Mrs. Kelly in room 107



    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Grade Trips

    Criteria for attending ALL GRADE trips:

    Students must have Excellent (E) or Satisfactory (S) conduct each quarter.
    No more than six (6) absences or lateness per quarter (absent notes are considered)
    Students with poor conduct/referrals are not permitted to attend.
    Academic success in subject areas

    6th Grade Trip -

    7th grade Trip- December 14th 2017- Medieval Times

    8th Grade Trip- May 21st 2018 - Adventure Land- ( Approximately $95)Permission slips will go home  end of April
    Any questions, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Kelly, at 718-833-9363 ext. 1071.  Together, let's make this a successful year for all of our  students.

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • 7th Grade Trip Permission slips

    Trip permission slips will be distributed to those students who meet the criteria

    with their report cards on November 27th.

    Congratulations for a job well done

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • School Spirit Events!

    Pajama Drive:  Our school is participating in a pajama drive to benefit children living in shelters.  Scholastic Book Clubs will match every NEW pair of pajamas our school collects with a brand-new book in order to give children in need a warm and reassuring bedtime.

    If you would like to participate, please send a new pair of pajamas, in any size, to school November 27th through December 1st.  Collection will be one week only. 

    All students and teachers who donate are welcome to participate in PAJAMA DAY on Friday, December 1st!!!


    Bring all pajama donations to the box in the Main Office NO LATER THAN December 1st.  Don’t forget to wear your jammies December 1st as well.


    December—Toys for Tots Collection

    Throughout December we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for the holiday season.  You can bring your donation to the main office where there will be a collection box!

    ~School Spirit~

    Those who participate in the Toys for Tots drive are invited to join us for the following School Spirit Days:

    • December 8th: FORMAL DAY—dress to impress!
    • December 15th: Crazy Sock Day
    • December 22nd: UGLY Sweater Day

    Other dates to remember:

    • Pizzeria Uno fundraiser: November 21st
    • Chipotle fundraiser: November 29th
    • Outback fundraiser: December 6th
    • December 1st: Pajama Day (for those who participate in the pajama drive)

    No School:  November 23rd & 24th

    Winter Break:  December 25th through January 1, 2018 (students return to school Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.)

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • PTA Auction!

    See attached

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • School Gym Uniforms



    T-SHIRTS                                    $10

     LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRTS          $15

     SHORTS                                     $15

     SWEATPANTS                            $15


    WATER BOTTLES                       $3


    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Sign up for Remind

    We are excited to let you know we will be implementing "Remind" (formerly Remind101) as a method of communication and outreach for the 2017-2018 school year.  

    We strongly encourage parents/guardians & students to register for the account which fits the year of the STUDENT'S GRADUATION.   There are two ways to join a class:  through the app or via text.  Please fully complete the registration with your name and role (Parent/Student).  Here is the information OR you can scroll down on our site and find the links to join!

    CURRENT 8TH GRADE (Class of 2018):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2018

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2018."

    CURRENT 7TH GRADE (Class of 2019):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2019

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2019."

    INCOMING 6TH GRADE (Class of 2020):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2020

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2020." 

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201


Our Staff

Staff Role Subject Contact
Ms. Agnello School Aide    
Mrs. Albino Teacher  ELA-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Altieri Teacher Music/Band 6/7/8
Ms. Amalfitano Teacher ELA-6  
Mrs. Amodeo Teacher  Italian-6/7/8 PupilPath
Mrs. Arne Teacher  ELA
Mrs. Ashton Teacher  ICT-7 
Ms. Balanikas Teacher ELA-6 PupilPath
Mr. Bartoloni Teacher Social Studies
Ms. Bastaurous Paraprofessional    
Ms. Bogdanowicz Teacher Vocal  
Mr. Botte Teacher/GO Coordinator Science-7 
Ms. Buono Teacher  Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8 Students:  @813s, @815s, @836st; Parents:  @813pa, @815pa, @836p
Mr. Calise  Teacher Social Studies-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Candela SBST School Psychologist 
Ms. Carbonaro Teacher Physical Education/Health-6/8 
Ms. Carcione Teacher     718-833-9363, ext. 0  (Secondary: )
Ms. Cartagena Teacher Integrated co-teaching  
Mr. Chen Teacher Mathematics-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Ms. Chen Paraprofessional    
Ms. Chevalier      
Ms. Chimento School Aide Lunch Forms & Working Papers
718-833-9363 ext. 2635
Mr. Ciulla Principal   718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mr. Colasuonno Teacher Science/Earth Science-8  
Ms. Collins Assistant Principal   718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. Coohill Teacher Mathematics-6, PupilPath
Mrs. Cundari Teacher Mathematics-7

PupilPath, Secondary: 

@711par; @752pa; @734par

Mr. Cuomo Paraprofessional    
Ms. D'Acquisto Teacher Integrated co-teaching  
Mrs. D'Alessandro School Secretary   718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Ms. DeAngelis Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2112

Mrs. DeClara Teacher/Website Coordinator ELA/Drama
Ms. DeFeo Teacher Science-6 718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. DeRosa Teacher ICT-6 PupilPath
Mrs. R. DeRosa Paraprofessional    
Mr. Dimitri Teacher Social Studies-6/8 PupilPath; (@setss201)
Mrs. Patricia Donlon Teacher/Arista Coordinator SETSS-6/7/8
Ms. Duversseau      
Mrs. Elsayed Teacher ELA-6
Mrs. Estevez Teacher Science-8 PupilPath
Ms. Feknous Teacher Social Studies-7 PupilPath 
Ms. Ferrera SBST Family Worker  
Mrs. Fierro Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2113

Ms. Finizio School Aide Report Cards
718-833-9363, ext. 2632
Mrs. Flessas Teacher ELA-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Fontana Teacher  Social Studies-8  
Ms. Franzese Teacher Art 
Mr. Gargiulo Teacher Physical Education/Health  
Mrs. Giangiobbe Paraprofessional    
Mr. Gianni Teacher/School Spirit Coordinator Social Studies-8 
Ms. Goldberg Teacher SETSS  
Mrs. Gross Teacher ELA-8 
Ms. Guarnera Paraprofessional    
Ms. K. Guerrin Teacher ICT 
Mr. Guido Teacher Special Education  
Ms. Guido School Secretary   718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mr. Howe Teacher  Special Education-6  
Mr. Agostino Iallonardo Teacher Mathematics-7 718-833-9363, ext. 0; PupilPath
Ms. Indelicato Teacher Special Education-6/7
Ms. Jasionek Paraprofessional    
Mrs. Johnson Teacher Social Studies-6 
Mrs. Katsaras Teacher Science-7 PupilPath 
Mrs. Kelly Parent Coordinator

718-833-9393 ex. 1071

Mrs. Kim Teacher Science-6 PupilPath  (Secondary:
Mrs. Koukoulis Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. Koutsopetras Teacher Social Studies-7 PupilPath 
Mr. Lizzi Teacher Integrated co-teaching 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Lo Teacher Mathematics-6  

@Math612P, @Math653P, @Math616P

Ms. Lundberg School Aide    
Mrs. Caitlan Mancini Teacher Art
Ms. Markovich Teacher English Language Learners 718-833-9363, ext. 0; 
Ms. Martinez Teacher English Language Learners  
Mrs. Masry Guidance Counselor  

718-833-9363, ext. 2111

Ms. Mathew Teacher Science-6 

Remind:  @611sci, @615sci, @652sci, @653sci, @654sci

Mrs. Mautschke Teacher Mathematics-7 
Kristin McLeer Teacher Social Studies PupilPath-6/7
Nicole Marie Monte Teacher ICT-7
Mrs. Montgomery Dean Grades 7/8  718-833-9363, 4590
Ms. Morioka Teacher Science PupilPath
Mrs. Moscato Teacher/Senior Activities Physical Education/Health
Ms. Moshkovich Teacher Science-7 
Ms. Najar Teacher Spanish-6/7/8 
Mr. Nemeth Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8 718-833-9363, ext. 0
Ms. Nunziata Teacher Mathematics-7
Ms. Oglou Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. O'Mahoney-Schwartz Teacher ELA/Drama-6/7
Ms. Paleogos      
Ms. Paluxgawong Teacher Mathematics-6 718-833-9363, ext. 0 
Mrs. Ninfina Panepinto Teacher SETSS

Remind:  @setss202 

Ms. Phillips School Nurse   718-833-9363, ext. 2530
Mrs. Pignataro Dean Grades 6/7 718-833-9363, ext. 4591 
Ms. Pigott School Nurse   718-833-9363, ext. 2530
Mrs. C. Pilato Teacher Law/Social Studies-6/8

718-833-9363, ext. 0

Remind:  631- @Cpilato, 632- @632ss, 635- @635ss, 636- @636s

Mrs. Piroso Paraprofessional    
Mrs. D. Porcaro Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8  718-833-9363, ext. 0
Ms. J. Porcaro Teacher Integrated co-teaching 
Mr. Profera Teacher Physical Education/Health  
Amanda Puglionisi Teacher ELA-6/8
Mrs. Remmen Teacher Mathematics/Integrated Algebra-8  PupilPath
Ms. Rivera School Secretary  

718-833-9363, ext. 0

Ms. Rossetti Teacher ELA-6 
Mrs. Russo Teacher Mathematics-6 
Mrs. Sanchez Teacher Mathematics-8

Email, PupilPath, or Remind

(Students:  @816st, @832s, @834st; Parents:  @816p, @834pa)

Ms. Saponaro Speech Language Pathology    
Ms. Saporito Paraprofessional    
Mr. Schulman Teacher ELA-7 PupilPath 
Ms. Scognamillo Teacher Science/Earth Science-8  
Mr. Seiler Teacher Social Studies-8  
Ms. Serposs Teacher Art 
Mr. Smalls Teacher Spanish  
Mrs. Sopasoudakis Teacher ELA-8  
Mrs. Stanisis Teacher ELA-7  
Mrs. Stathakos Teacher Social Studies-6
Mr. Suero SBST Social Worker  
Mr. Swigert Teacher ELA-8 
Ms. Tardugno Assistant Principal
Ms. Torres School Aide Attendance & Transportation
718-833-9363, ext. 2633
Ms. Tramontano Speech Language Pathology    
Ms. Troncone Teacher ELA-6  
Mr. Typrowicz Teacher Band  
Ms. Veeramah Teacher Library
Ms. Ward Teacher ELA-7/8
Mr. Watters Teacher Special Education-8  
Mr. Weislogel Assistant Principal    718-833-9363, ext. 0
Mrs. Werner Paraprofessional    
Mr. Wong Teacher Math-7/8

Remind: 735:  @201m735; 835:  @201m835; 856:  @201m856

Ms. Wong Teacher Math