• Lunch applications

    The school lunch application portal has opened for the 2017-2018 school year.  You may complete this application online.  EVERYONE MUST HAVE A COMPLETED LUNCH FORM ON FILE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOUR CHILD PLANS TO EAT SCHOOL LUNCH.  Here is the site:

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Sign up for Remind

    We are excited to let you know we will be implementing "Remind" (formerly Remind101) as a method of communication and outreach for the 2017-2018 school year.  

    We strongly encourage parents/guardians & students to register for the account which fits the year of the STUDENT'S GRADUATION.   There are two ways to join a class:  through the app or via text.  Please fully complete the registration with your name and role (Parent/Student).  Here is the information OR you can scroll down on our site and find the links to join!

    CURRENT 8TH GRADE (Class of 2018):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2018

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2018."

    CURRENT 7TH GRADE (Class of 2019):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2019

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2019."

    INCOMING 6TH GRADE (Class of 2020):  



    Send a text to:  81010 

    and in the subject line enter:  @Dyker2020

    If you already have the app you can simply "Join a Class" and join "Dyker2020." 

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Welcome!

    On September 7, 2017 we welcome your child into Dyker Heights Intermediate School.  This will be an exciting experience for your child as they take the next step on the ladder of education.  In order to assist you and your child with this transition, attached you will find some of the details you may find helpful in your planning for those first days of the 2017-2018 school year.  

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201

    Summer Camp 2017 applications are now available! You may pick up an application any time between 2:30pm – 4:30pm from the Program Director Takia French. We have limited spots available and the program is first come first serve.  The program will run from 7/10  through 8/4 from 9:15am to 3:15pm.

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Grade Trips

    Criteria for attending ALL GRADE trips:

    Students must have Excellent (E) or Satisfactory (S) conduct each quarter.
    No more than six (6) absences or lateness per quarter (absent notes are considered)
    Students with poor conduct/referrals are not permitted to attend.
    Academic success in subject areas

    6th Grade Trip - April 21st- I Play America ($62)- permission slips will go home on March 29th

    8th Grade Trip- May 16th - Adventure Land- ( Approximately $95)Permission slips will go home  end of April
    Any questions, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Kelly, at 718-833-9363 ext. 1071.  Together, let's make this a successful year for all of our  students.

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201
  • Pupil Path Codes/Questions

    Please call the School 718-833-9363 ext. 4060

    or email

    Dyker Heights Intermediate School 201


Aladdin, Jr.

Performance Dates:  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 (Cast A) and Friday, March 10th, 2017 (Cast B)




  • Lunch rehearsal schedule

    See attached

    After-school Drama

    All students should have their costumes by now.  Leads may bring their costumes to school and store them in our Drama room next to the stage. 

    After-school Drama

    Saturday, March 4th, 9a-12pm.  See schedule for more details.

    After-school Drama
  • "Kisses for the Cast"


    After-school Drama
  • New (and hopefully, final) Schedule

    See attached

    After-school Drama
  • "Love is in the Air"

    Our "Love is in the Air" fundraiser is underway!  All money and flower orders are due to Mrs. DeClara (513) or Mrs. Schwartz (511) no later than February 9th, 2017.  Roses will be delivered 2/14/17.

    After-school Drama
  • Rehearsal for the week of January 23, 2017

    Rehearsal will be held Wednesday, January 25 from 2:20-4:20 for the Introduction and Scenes 1 & 2 (Full Cast).  Harem Girls, Guards & Genie will report to vocal for "Prince Ali."

    After-school Drama

    Text 81010

    Subject:  @DykerDrama

    After-school Drama


View Monthly Calendar


Tickets are $10 per person.  Children must also purchase a ticket as they are using a seat.  

Tickets will be sold in the main office starting Wednesday, March 1st until Tuesday, March 7th.  After this, you must get your tickets AT THE DOOR.  Please send your child to the main office with their money PREPARED to indicate how many tickets they need and FOR WHICH SHOW (Wednesday, Cast A or Friday, Cast B).


Seating is done on a first-come, first-served basis.  Tickets do not indicate seat numbers therefore you should arrive at the theater in advance if you would like a specific seating area.  There will be two lines; one for those who have purchased tickets in advance and one for those who need to buy tickets at the door.  

*Ms. Bogdanowicz and her chorus members will have seating reserved in the first few rows of the theater*




The costume links listed here are merely SUGGESTIONS.  You are welcome to make your own costume from household clothing and creativity.  If you have any questions about costumes, see Mrs. Schwartz in Room 511.


Each cast member is asked to sell one box of chocolate.  The P.T.A. puts this money towards our set rental which, this year, is $2,200 (including the rental of the carpet and delivery).  The cost of the box is $60 and once the 60 bars are sold, no money is given out-of-pocket.  If you would prefer not to sell the chocolate, the P.T.A. also accepts a $30 donation which is the profit made from each box.  We thank you for your support in each of our fundraisers!  We would not have a show without them!

Bake Sale:  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2016 periods 4-7--DONATIONS NEEDED!


 Kisses for the Cast.docx 

 Love is in the Air Fundraiser.docx