Remote Digital Classroom

Log In Instructions

To log in students must know their 9-digit student ID number which you can find if you log into PupilPath or your Schools account.

  1. Open your web browser (Chrome is preferred to Safari or Explorer/Edge).

  2. In the web address page, type

  3. The student will be asked to login for the first time if they haven’t yet logged in.  They should enter as a student. Note that if you were in Google Classroom in your previous school, you may need to log out of that account.

  4. To access you will need to know your GSuite email and password.  For all students, this is the first initial in their first name, their full last name, and the last 4 numbers of their student ID


  1. Username:  (first initial)(last name)(last 4 digits of ID #)

    1. Example:

  2. Password:  Full 9-digit student ID number

  3. Once you are signed into Google Classroom, you will see the "Class of 2023 Remote Digital Classroom."  Click accept and you can then enter the class.

  4. Announcements and materials for the students will be posted here.

Here are two more login examples:

Name: John Smith

Student ID: 987654321

Gmail address:

Password: 987654321

Students with a hyphenated last name:

Name: Christopher John-Doe

Student ID: 123456789

Gmail Address:

Password: 123456789

This is uniform for all students, so your child should know their ID Number (also known as OSIS).  Please sign in immediately. 

Need assistance?

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Veeramah ( or 

Veena Veeramah

Assistant Principal

Dyker Heights Intermediate School (IS201K)

8010 12th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11228

P (718)833-9363  F(718)836-1786

Joining a class

To join a class, you must log in to your account.  To access Google Classroom, go to the "waffle" in the top right hand corner (the 9 dots).  Here you'll find all the apps available to you, including GMail, Docs, Google Classroom, etc. 

Once you've logged in, hit the "+" sign to "Join a Class" and then use the code that coincides with your grade.  You may have to log out and log back in if you don't see the "Join a Class" option.  

Amazing Knights (Cohort A)

Join the Google Classroom using the following code: v5x33mo

Brilliant Knights (Cohort B)

Join your Google Classroom using the following code: 7sv5wtg

Clever Knights (Cohort C)

Join your Google Classroom using the following code: p6wzw2k

Diligent Knights (Cohort D- Full Time Remote Learners)

Join your Google Classroom using the following code: rcckh4p