This year we are using paper surveys for Parents and students.

The Parent survey will be sent home with the students on March 5th to be returned no-later than March 8th.

Students that return the Parent paper survey will have an ice cream party.

All students will be taking their surveys in school.

Our Mission Statement

 Mission Statement:  At The Madeleine Brennan School, we prioritize each individual student.  We believe a focus on academic success and social emotional well-being is paramount to a child's future.  To accomplish this feat, concentration on best practices through data-driven instruction is at the forefront of discussion in all of our Professional Learning Communities.  In order to support a student’s academic success, we create and place emphasis on specifically designed instruction.  Community building and development of safe spaces allows students and staff to come together as one cohesive unit in which to communicate and discuss key issues covering a myriad of academic and social issues.  At The Madeleine Brennan School, we want our students to understand how they learn best in order to self-advocate, becoming active stakeholders in their education.