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Update: 11/3/2022

Important Dates:

  • 11/4/22 - SHSAT Registration Closes
  • 11/17/22 - SHSAT
  • 11/19/22 and 11/20/22 - SHSAT Weekend Testing
  • 12/1/22 - High School Application Due
  • Early March - High School Offers
All creation codes have been given to students on 10/7/22 during their 4th period class. If you already have a MySchools account from when your child was entering 6th grade, you should use that email address. If you do not have access to that email address anymore, have your child see Mrs. Oliveri in the guidance office and she can unlink that email. Once your email is unlinked you can create a new account using the creation code on the welcome letters. 
You should already have opened your MySchools account. It is important to submit your child's high school application as soon as possible. We need time to review them and ensure all errors made are corrected by the deadline of 12/1/22. 

Please be sure to check your emails daily and to have your child check the 8th grade HUB on google classroom as important information regarding the SHSAT and High School Admissions will be posted on a continuous basis as it is received. 

Several high schools have new Diversity in Admissions (DIA) initiatives, and several high schools have made changes to their existing DIA initiatives. This affects which applicants to these programs are considered for offers first. The updated list and details are at schools.nyc.gov/DiversityAdmissions. Families can also use the online directory in MySchools to find programs with a DIA initiative. Click or tap the “More Filters” button and then choose “Diversity in Admissions.”

Please email Mrs. Oliveri at KDOnofrio4@schools.nyc.gov if you have any questions. 

Specialized High Schools

The eight testing Specialized High Schools: Any 8th grade or first-time 9th grade student (who lives in NYC) can participate in admissions for any/all of these schools by registering for and then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT).  Register by January 15 to take the SHSAT. During SHSAT registration, families will indicate the student's Specialized High Schools preference order in MYSchools. Families can list up to all 8 testing Specialized High Schools in preference order, starting with their top choice as #1.  Families will no longer submit choices on their SHSAT answer sheet.  8th grade public school students will take the SHSAT at their current school on January 27, 2021.

Any 8th grade or first-time 9th grade student (who lives in NYC) can apply to any/all of the programs at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts by registering to audition and then submitting audition materials online. Please note that the SHSAT is not used for admission to LaGuardia High School. Register to audition by the week of February 22.  

 Families can log into MySchools to register their child for LaGuardia High School auditions.  When they do, they will indicate which programs their child will audition for. Students can audition for one or up to all six of the programs at LaGuardia High School.  Visit our Specialized High Schools Page.  


Auditions this winter.  All high school auditions will take place virtually this year, including LaGuardia High School.  To audition students will submit audition files through a new Virtual Audition Submission Tool.  This tool will open in January, information will be posted once it is received.  Updated requirements for audition programs will be posted in MySchools directory in the coming weeks.  These will help students prepare for their virtual auditions, even before the Virtual Audition Submission Tool is open.